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    Lymeware Announces Availability of IAgent3

    Web GUI Monitor

    14 January 2005 - Old Lyme, Connecticut

    Lymeware Corporation announces the availability of a Web- based GUI interface for its popular IAgent3 Secure Messaging Interactive Agent (IA) product.

    The IAgent3 Web GUI is a Webmin module which allows monitoring and maintenance of an IAgent3 system from a standard web browser. IAgent3 utilities and documentation can also be accessed from this Web GUI tool.

    The Lymeware IAgent3 Product is a conformal implementation of the TCIF/ECIC Interactive Agent (TCIF IA issue 2 and issue 3), which allows secure EDI transactions over relatively insecure networks, via TCP/IP, SSLv3 and TLS.

    The IAgent3 Product provides high volume real-time secure business to business transaction transport for the U.S. Telecommunications Industry. IAgent3 provides a robust, secure, fast transport of EDI and non-EDI messages valuable for electronic messaging in any industry.

    A service bureau release of the IAgent3 product (capable of supporting multiple CLECs to multiple ILECs) is also available. Please contact sales@lymeware.com for more information.

    The IAgent3 Web GUI is available for download on the Lymeware web site at http://www.lymeware.com/iagent3.html.

    Additional product information is available on the Lymeware web site.

    About Lymeware Corporation:
    Lymeware Corporation provides secure messaging solutions, XML/EDI integration frameworks and security products and consulting services for Fortune 1000 companies and CLECs throughout the US.

    Lymeware Corporation is privately held and located in Old Lyme, Connecticut.

    Contact: Carl Fox Phone Number: 1 (860) 434-4021
    E-mail: cfox@lymeware.com Web Site: http://www.Lymeware.com

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