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    Lymeware Privacy Policy

    Lymeware cares about your privacy. In fact, frankly we worry about it. So here is our no-legal lingo privacy policy:

    * Customer Information
    The customer information we have or will receive in the future will be kept private. It will not be given, rented, sold or in any other way disclosed to any third party. It will be used internally only.

    * Subscriber Information
    The subscriber information you enter when you download any evaluation versions of our software (and request the evaluation license) will be kept private. It will not be given, rented, sold or in any other way disclosed to any third party. It will only be used to get an idea of who's downloading our products. We will only send mail to the provided contact e-mail address. This e-mail will only consist of two things. Evaluation licenses, and notices of updates or bugs found.

    * E-Mail directly from Lymeware Corporation
    You will never receive any mail from Lymeware unless you are a customer, or have requested the email yourself. WE HATE SPAM. And also believe that telemarketers are only a very little step up from slime. So we don't employ their services either. You phone number is safe with us.

    * E-Mail from Lymeware Corporation employees
    It is a free country (last we checked) so they are allowed to send to whoever they wish. If you receive mail from an employee that annoys you we would be happy to ask them to stop. Our employees are know to post to several mailing lists, and in the most part what they post is the *opinion* of only the employee, and not Lymeware or its other minions.

    * Cookies and Tracking
    We don't use cookies or any other tracking things on this web site. We do occasionally check our web server logs and could find your source IP address, if we wanted to.

    * The Other Side of the Coin
    Since we try to protect your privacy, we expect the same from you. Please ask before linking to or reprinting, posting, or uploading anything from our site. We will probably be very happy to give you permission. But ask first.


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