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Lymeware Product Downloads
The following product and documentation downloads are the sole property of the Lymeware Corporation and may be used for evaluation purposes only. Please see the Evaluation License for permitted uses and specific conditions.

These evaluation products have no implied support (as all of our licensed products have) but we will be happy to support any e-mail requests (to Product Evaluation Support) as time permits.

A valid license file will be required to run all Lymeware products. Information on how to request the free 30 day evaluation license is detailed on the Product Evaluation Page.

Commercial product distributions, license files, updates and other compatible products may be purchased directly from Lymeware or our distributors.

a TCIF 98-006 v2 and v3 Interactive Agent

CABS Viewer - A CABS BDT record formatting utility

DUF Viewer - A DUF EMI record formatting utility

SECAB Viewer - A SECAB record formatting utility


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