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Lymeware Support Services

Lymeware offers Product Support for several Open Source products and all Lymeware Products, and Unix/Linux System administration support. We have years of experience in the Unix/Linux system administration and can keep your business and applications running smoothly.

Lymeware Product Support

Lymeware supports all of its own products in few different ways. Annual support contracts and per incident support rates are available with support coverage from off-site during business hours, to on-site 7x24 available. See our Product Support page for more details.

Open Source Product Support

Lymeware loves Open Source and has incorporated several Open Source packages in our own commercial products (properly licensing those components when needed). Our long experience with Open Source (even before it had that name) gives us the ability to assist other businesses adopt Open Source quickly and effencentily.

Our knowledgeable employees are available for consultation or to be put to work to get your Open Source project up and running in the shortest possible time. See our Open Source Support page for a list of the projects we currently support.

Unix/Linux Support

Lymeware has been providing Unix and Linux system administration since before there was an Internet (e-mail via uucp anyone?). We support a number of different operating systems and can handle short or long term, on-site or off-site and emergency requirements. A list of all supported systems can be found on our Unix/Linux Support page.


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