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Software Development at Lymeware

Our core business is software development, mostly to create or support software products and custom client systems. We specialize in Messaging (EDI and XML), Security, Product Development, and Network programming.

Development Environments

Our development environment of choice is as follows:
Machine(s): Sun UltraSPARC series as well as the Intel Pentium 4 family.
Operating Systems: Solaris 7, 8, and 9,
                                  Red Hat Linux 8.0, 9,
                                  Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0, and
                                  Red Hat Cygwin32 (DLL 1.3.2, last time we checked).

We also like other Linux distributions and grudgingly continue to support SCO, HP/UX and AIX.

Development languages and other tools are usually dependant on the project or client's requirements. We specialize in C, C++ and Perl and shell scripting. See Tools of the Trade for more on the tools we recommend and support.

There are a few development tools we seem to use on every project, a programming editor (usually vi or Emacs), a configuration management system (usually either RCS - The Revision Control System or the ACSi BriefCase Software Configuration Management Toolkit) and a code builder (for lack of a better term, always GNU make).

We use the best practices of Software Engineering, including requirements analysis, code reviews, module reuse, prototype development and modeling, national, international and industry specific Standards adherence, and continuous training to provide superior software and development knowledge.

Our staff had extensive experience in distributed processing, network programming, parallel processing, near real-time and real time system development, high availability design and deployment, internals of security protocols and encryption standards, and X.400, RPC, SMTP, and proprietary messaging.


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