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Our core business is software development, not web site design or link index maintenance. But we have found several web site of extreme value (both in depth of knowledge, or as a further resource to other useful links). In this vain we hope to do the same and provide a useful place to start looking for the links on the following topics:

*Associates and Online Business Services. This contains links to other Software Development consulting firms (friends in the industry), and useful business resources and online services we like and use.

*Useful Software Development Sites, containing both examples and sample code on how to do the stuff we always forget.

*Useful Cryptography Sites, reference to PKI and other things, with emphasis on SSL and TLS (and toolkits, toolkits, toolkits).

*Useful Messaging Sites, reference to SOAP, SMTP, HTTP, X.400, RPCs and other things, with emphasis on protocol standards and examples.

*Useful Data Format Sites, reference to EDI, XML and other formats, with emphasis on specific industry standards and Open Source tools.

*Useful Standards Sites, our own list of Standards sites containing all the National, International, Internet, and Industry-specific standards we use, need, read, and abuse.

We do have a page specifically for our comprehensive list of recommended Software Development tools here.

If you have any suggestions for additional links please let us know!


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