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Useful Data Interchange Format Sites

This is our own list of Standards sites containing all the National, International, Internet, and Industry-specific standards we use, need, read, and abuse.

National Standards Sites
*The American National Standards Institute - ANSI, home of National (US) standards.
*NSSN - The National Resource for Global Standards (including Industrial, International, and US Government standards).
*National Institute of Standards and Technology - NIST, works with US Industry to create national industrial and technological standards.

International Standards Sites
*International Organization for Standardization - ISO, creates Global Standards (includes Industrial, Computer, and Communications standards).
*The International Telecommunication Union - The ITU (was the CCITT), is an international organization within which governments and the private sector coordinate global telecom networks and services.

Internet Standards Sites
*The Internet Engineering Task Force - The IETF, holder of all Internet-Drafts and Request For Comments (RFCs).
*The Internet Standards Archive - A searchable archive of all Internet-Drafts, Request For Comments (RFCs), and other Internet standards.
*The World Wide Web Consortium - The W3C, holder of most accepted web standards and practices, like HTML.

Telecom Industry Standards Sites
*The Telecommunications Industry Forum - TCIF, creator of global standards, guidelines and emerging technologies involving electronic data interchange, electronic commerce and bar coding.
*The Ordering and Billing Forum - OBF, provides a forum for customers and providers in the telecommunications industry to resolve national issues which affect ordering, billing, provisioning and exchange of information about access services.

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