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Associates and Business Services

This page contains links to Associates and Business Service sites we find useful. Associates are other Software Development consulting firms (our friends in the industry). and useful business resources.

*The ACSi Web site - home of the BriefCase CMS.
*The Trenton Computer Festival - The oldest personal computer show in the world. We still love it.
*Electric Sand - Embedded development and DSP development shop.
*PontiMAX Technologies LLC - Telecom consulting firm we have teamed with in the past.

Business Service Sites
*American Express Small Business Services / Travel - The best place for small business travel.
*HotWire Travel Services - The best place for cheap/last-minute travel.
*MapQuest TravelPlan USA - Great for maps, and travel planning.
*Yahoo Mail - Great free web based e-mail.
*www.eFax.com - Free web based Fax service (works via e-mail). Now has voice mail too!

Diversions and Other Good Sites
*The Dilbert Zone - Can't live the week without it!
*The Car Talk Radio Show - These guys just kill us!

If you have any suggestions for additional links, find broken links, or find yourself listed and wish to be removed,
please let us know!

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