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Useful Cryptographic Sites

General Cryptographic Sites
*Peter Gutmann's Home Page - Very highly recommended.

*Counterpane Internet Security - Bruce Schneier's crypto company. Home of the excellent Crypto-Gram newsletter.
*Steve Henson's Web site - Henson is a British cryptographic consultant and member of the OpenSSL development team. His site has considerable useful crypto information, including details on the format of Netscape Navigator's certificate database.
*Geoff Thorpe's Web site - Thorpe is a member of the OpenSSL development team. His site has useful crypto information, including Cryptlib info, swamp and tunala utilities.
*Eric Rescorla's RTFM Site - Home of RTFM, Eric's book, SSL and TLS: Designing and Building Secure Systems, and ssldump, a very useful SSL utility.
*RSA's Public-Key Cryptography Standards (PKCS) - The informal standards for cryptography on the 'Net, including key exchange / agreement, digital certificate syntax, digital envelopes, password-based encryption and more.

SSL/SSLeay/OpenSSL and Related Sites
*OpenSSL - Our favorite open source cryptographic site.
*SSLeay - Original open source SSL/Crypto project. Now defunct.
*SSLeay Documentation - Best documentation for SSLeay/OpenSSL we have found to date.
*Open Certificate Authority - Nice site if you want or need to run your own CA.
*RSA Security, Inc. - Home of the dread RSA Encryption Algorithm.
*Netscape - Creator's of SSL (not too active now).
*SSLeay Certificate Cookbook.
*Setting up a CA using free software.
*Learning SSL the Hard Way.
*Larry Mulcahy's SSL links - Nice Page of SSL links.

Crypto Source Code and Toolkits
*A wonderful Russian Crypto Site Has many lost public-domain? crypto packages.

PGP, GPG and Related Sites
*PGP FreewareGet the free PGP from MIT.
*Gnu Privacy Guard Home of the GnuPG project and links to (so far, very sparse) documentation and other crypto sites.

Rules, More Rules and *Damn* Rules and Related Sites
*US Government BXA export rules.

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