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Lymeware Services

Lymeware provides consulting and development services to specific industries with specific technologies and extensive IT department outsourcing to small business clients. We have been doing this for some time and have a list of happy customers to prove it.

Professional Services

Lymeware has vast experience in Telecommunications (especially CLEC OSS operations), EDI, Network connectivitiy (including supply chain and electronic ordering systems), security (down to the nuts and bolts of encryption algorithms) and Unix/Linux development. Our unique experience has allowed us to benefit both Fortune 50 companies and startups. We would be happy to apply this same knowledge to your business requirements and projects.

Custom Development

Lymeware is known for our concentrated domain expertise in software development with Messaging, Network and Security technologies. Another focus of Lymeware is specialty software product development. Large, small, and startup companies have used Lymeware to develop software products, marketed under client company brands.

We do use global resources (unless requested not to) and pass the economic savings and expertiese on to our customers. ed in the services and technologies that they require. Our services are geared to maximize efficiency and minimize risk on our client's projects.

Small Business Services

Our Small Business operations are structured to provide high-value IT services to small business clients. Lymeware can provide a part-time "offsite" IT department for a fraction of the cost of an in-house IT department. We can install, configure and maintain your internal servers and connectivity security all with minimal impact to your real business. Our expertiese is the Unix/Linux operating systems and we are very familiar with most of the "standard" IT infrastructure components, including e-mail servers, firewalls, secure remote access, VPNs, web servers, databases and other middleware.

Please contact our sales department via email (sales@lymeware.com) or by telephone at (860) 434-4021 for a complementary consultation.


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