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Useful Software Development Sites

General Software Development Sites
*The SIG11 problem - If you have ever gotten a Segmentation Violation message . . .
*NetMechanic - Free (limited number of pages) web-based swiss army knife of web-site utilities.

Online MAN pages and useful Software Online Documentation
*Solaris Man pages - All Solaris (2.5 to 9) manual pages and answerbooks online,
   we use this one a lot.
*Solaris Man Pages - FAMU-FSU College of Engineering.
*GNU Manual pages - All GNU manual pages and documents in HTML form.
*Perl Manual pages - All PerlDoc.com (5.6) manual pages and documents in HTML form.
*ActiveState's Perl References - All ActiveState Perl manual pages and documents in HTML form.
*Linux Man pages - All Linux manual pages and HOW-TOs online.

Perl Development Sites
*Perl Home on the net - Best place to start.

C/Unix Development Sites
*GCC Home Page.
*W. Richard Stevens' Home Page.
*The Unix Programming Resources Page.

Threads (or MT) Development Sites
*Pthreads:General Information.
*Lambda's Multi threading Seminar - Best we have seen. Thanks Bil!
*Pthreads Tutorial.

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