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    Lymeware Announces Availability of CABS Viewer

    A CABS Billing Data Tape (BDT) file viewer utility

    30 May 2004 - Old Lyme, Connecticut

    Lymeware Corporation announces the general availability of its CABS Viewer product for Solaris, Red Hat Linux and Windows (2000 and XP). This command line utility can reformat CABS BDT records into usable, readable formats.

    The Lymeware Carrier Access Billing System (CABS) Billing Outputs Specifications (BOS) Billing Data Tape (BDT) file Viewer product is a command-line utility to reformat CABS BDT files into several different output formats, including:

     - text, with several data options,
     - CSV (comma-delimited format) which can be imported in to Microsoft Excel,
     - XML, with standard BDT field names, and
     - HTML, viewable in any web browser.

    This tool is available as a Linux, Solaris and Win32 product.

    The CABS Viewer product provides the ability to generate customized summary and detailed reports from the raw CABS billing data. CABS is the standard billing format used by the U.S. Telecommunications Industry.

    Please contact sales@lymeware.com for more information.

    Additional product information is available on the Lymeware web site.

    About Lymeware Corporation:
    Lymeware Corporation provides secure messaging solutions, XML/EDI integration frameworks and security products and consulting services for Fortune 1000 companies and CLECs throughout the US.

    Lymeware Corporation is privately held and located in Old Lyme, Connecticut.

    Contact: Carl Fox Phone Number: 1 (860) 434-4021
    E-mail: cfox@lymeware.com Web Site: http://www.Lymeware.com

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