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    Lymeware Announces Availability of IAgent3

    for IBM POWER Series platforms

    21 December 2004 - Old Lyme, Connecticut

    Lymeware Corporation announces the general availability of its IAgent3 product for Red Hat Enterprise Linux on IBM POWER Series platforms. This version of the popular IAgent3 Secure Messaging Interactive Agent (IA) product, supports all 64 bit Power chip-based pSeries platforms.

    The Lymeware IAgent3 Product is a conformal implementation of the TCIF/ECIC Interactive Agent (TCIF IA issue 2 and issue 3), which allows secure EDI transactions over relatively insecure networks, via TCP/IP, SSLv3 and TLS.

    The IAgent3 Product provides high volume real-time secure business to business transaction transport for the U.S. Telecommunications Industry. IAgent3 provides a robust, secure, fast transport of EDI and non-EDI messages valuable for electronic messaging in any industry.

    A service bureau release of the IAgent3 product (capable of supporting multiple CLECs to multiple ILECs) is also available. Please contact sales@lymeware.com for more information.

    More product information is available in The IAgent3 Product Sheet, which describes the current features of the Lymeware IAgent3 product.

    Additional product information is available on the Lymeware web site.

    About Lymeware Corporation:
    Lymeware Corporation provides secure messaging solutions, XML/EDI integration frameworks and security products and consulting services for Fortune 1000 companies and CLECs throughout the US.

    Lymeware Corporation is privately held and located in Old Lyme, Connecticut.

    Contact: Carl Fox Phone Number: 1 (860) 434-4021
    E-mail: cfox@lymeware.com Web Site: http://www.Lymeware.com

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