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    XML-based Telco Wholesale Services Ordering
    Announced by PontiMAX Technologies and Lymeware Corporation

    21 February 2001 - Danbury, Connecticut

    PontiMAX Technologies announced the development of the first XML-based Telecom Wholesale Services Order system. The system accepts orders in XML, using PontiMax's own XML Document Type Description (DTD) for Local Services Ordering Guide (LSOG) transactions. The LSOG contains the national practices, including data definitions, that specify how telecom services, such as local exchange services and unbundled network elements, such as DSL loops, are ordered by Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) from the incumbent Telco, usually an RBOC. The Telecom Wholesale Service Ordering system translates the LSOG XML into an open XML/EDI standard version via XSLT and then into Industry Standard EDI, for trading partner communications.

    Ray Keating, Managing Member of PontiMAX Technologies, said: The LSOG DTD provides a single set of XML meta data that can be used both for ordering wholesale off-net services from the incumbent and, potentially, for sending the XML formatted on-net provisioning data directly to the CLECs switches. He further noted that a number of Operations Support System (OSS) vendors and switch vendors have already announced their intention to support XML across the board. Our DTD and XSLT templates provide a draft framework that should substantially speed up broad adoption of XML as THE basis for making flow-through provisioning happen.

    Lymeware Corporation assisted in the design and development of the LSOG DTD, using their XML and EDI experience. They used several custom tools for DTD development and XML generation and validation. Lymeware was also responsible for all trading partner communications, connectivity testing, and integration development and testing during development of the Telecom Wholesale Service Ordering system.

    About PontiMAX Technologies LLC:
    PontiMAX Technologies provides Electronic Business products and services, concentrating on end-to-end service delivery for the telecommunications industry.

    PontiMAX Technologies is located in Danbury, Connecticut.

    Contact: Ray Keating Phone Number: 1 (203) 526-0170
    E-mail:   Web Site: www.pontimax.com

    About Lymeware Corporation:
    Lymeware Corporation provides secure messaging solutions, XML/EDI integration frameworks and security products and consulting services.

    Lymeware Corporation is located in Old Lyme, Connecticut.

    Contact: Carl Fox Phone Number: 1 (860) 434-4021
    E-mail: cfox@lymeware.com Web Site: http://www.lymeware.com

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