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    Lymeware Corporation announces availability of new XML-based
    InterExchange Carrier (IXC) Ordering Gateway

    18 May 2001 - Old Lyme, Connecticut

    Lymeware Corporation announced the availability of, IXC ConnectGate, the first XML-based InterExchange Carrier (IXC) Ordering Gateway product. The product is designed to sit between an Operation Support System (OSS) and IXC electronic interfaces, making support of multiple IXC interfaces significantly easier. The IXC ConnectGate product accepts wholesale service orders in XML, using IXC-customized XML Document Type Description (DTD) to define the OSS API transactions.

    The IXC ConnectGate product natively supports the following IXC electronic ordering interfaces:
    * Global Crossing's Electronic Data Transfer interface,
    * Broadwing Communication's Wholesale 1+ and Wholesale 8XX services, and
    * Sprint Wholesale's InfoLink service

    IXC Connect is the first IXC XML-based electronic ordering gateway available, which supports several major IXC electronic interfaces. Version 2 of this product supports tailored DTDs for each IXC interface and leverages the excellent Xerces XML Parser. This product allows a single Operation Support System (OSS) XML interface to support both IXC requests and responses, and supports several electronic delivery methods.

    Lymeware Corporation designed and developed the IXC ConnectGate product, using their Telecom and XML experience. Several custom tools for DTD development and XML generation and validation, were used to customize the IXC interfaces.

    Lymeware was also responsible for all CLEC to IXC communications, connectivity testing, and integration development and testing during development of the IXC ConnectGate product, which is now in production with a convergent CLEC in Connecticut.

    About Lymeware Corporation:
    Lymeware Corporation provides secure messaging solutions, XML/EDI integration frameworks and security products and consulting services.

    Lymeware Corporation is located in Old Lyme, Connecticut.

    Contact: Carl Fox Phone Number: 1 (860) 434-4021
    E-mail: cfox@lymeware.com Web Site: http://www.lymeware.com

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