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The IAgent3 SUSE Appliance Interactive Agent Software Appliance SUSE-powered

The IAgent3 SUSE-powered Software Appliance is Lymeware Corporation's commerce-class secure EDI messaging solution pre-installed on a SUSE image, for either VMware or Xen virtualization platforms or x86 patforms, with the disk image product.

IAgent3 supports the Telecommunications Industry TCIF 98-006 issue 2 and issue 3 standard for wholesale ordering and pre-ordering of services and network elements, via dedicated connections or the Internet.

The IAgent3 product has been successfully connected to all of the major ILECs and the Lymeware staff has extensive ILEC configuration and connectivity experience.

Lymeware also offers our QuickStart IA Connectivity service, which allows a CLEC, using our IAgent3 product, to connect with a single ILEC in as little as two weeks (ILEC activities may add to this time), all for a single fixed price. This comprehensive service covers the entire task of connectivity and testing your CLEC IA with an ILEC (up to having the ILEC verify the IA connectivity so you can move to the EDI testing phase - and testing to both the ILEC's test and production IA). More information on this and other CLEC services available from Lymeware, contact our sales department.

A valid license file will be required to run the IAgent3 system. Information on how to request the free 30 day evaluation license is detailed on the Product Evaluation License Request page.

These appliances were built with Novell's SUSE Studio. Built with SUSE Studio

IAgent3 Product Downloads

* IAgent3 SUSE Appliance for VMware - The IAgent3 Appliance for VMware ESX and ESXi servers.
* IAgent3 SUSE Appliance Disk Installation - The IAgent3 Appliance as an installable product with SUSE for x86 physical or virtual platforms.

* IAgent3 SUSE Appliance for Xen servers - The IAgent3 Appliance for Xen servers.

IAgent3 Documentation Downloads

  *   IAgent3 Product Sheet - Describes the benefits of the Lymeware IAgent3 product.
* The IAgent3 Users Manual - in * Adobe PDF and PostScript formats.
* The IAgent3 Configuration Worksheets - in * Adobe PDF and Rich Text Format (rtf) formats.


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