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Full-time Technical Support person

This job includes:

  • Benefits
  • Working with Open Source Software
  • Lots of opportunity for advancement and growth
  • Long hours
  • Cramped office space (until we move)
  • Low pay

Requirements are:

  • Some knowledge of C, XML, and Java
  • Linux experience
  • Need to be able to be friendly and communicate with customers
  • Eagerness to learn, especially about Lymeware products
  • Patience to put up overworked developers
  • Ability to work in Old Lyme, CT
  • Experience with Telecom a plus
  • Enthusiasm in SIP, VoIP, Linux, EDI, XML and OSS in general a plus
  • Telephony experience a plus

Interested people, please contact Carl Fox (cfox@lymeware.com).


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