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Lymeware Past Projects and Clients

Major Client Projects include:

  • Telecommunications Industry Standards
    • Consulted and benchmarked T1.227 Trouble Administration via EDI for industry adoption.

    • Created XML DTD for TCIF LSOG4 EDI Ordering and Pre-Ordering transactions, to include X.12 Service Order, Supplement, Cancelation, Firm Order Confirmation, Service Order Completeion, Acknowledgement, PreOrder Request, and PreOrderResponse.

    • Created several XML DTDs for IXC PIC/LPIC ordering and reporting, for several IXC providors. Tested with several IXCs.

    • Created CLEC simulator and test system for major ILEC, which supported performance, volume and coverage testing of the ILECs wholesale and retail ordering system.

  • Security Projects
    • Debugged SSL protocol interoperablilty problems between telecom trading partners.

    • Developed secure electric bonding applications for multiple telecom trading partners.

    • Designed PKI-enabled trading system for HL-7 health care applications.

    • Assisted in creation of telecom calling-card fraud detection system.

    • Assisted in creation a telecom credit card authorization system over SS7.

    • Created the credit card authorization subsystem for vending machines.

  • Messaging Projects
    • Created a CORBA to MTA integration system, using several RCP processes.

    • Created an SMNP interface for telecom custom switching systems.

    • Supported X.400 interoperablilty between multiple trading partners.

    • Supported EDI VAN interoperablilty between multiple trading partners.

    • Created an X.25/OSI interface for telecom fraud detection system.

  • Other Fun Projects
    • Created a prototype license plate reader.

    • Created a real-time digital signal processing system for a 32 CPU parallel processor.

Past Clients include:

  • FDN Communications
  • A T & T Bell Labratories
  • SBC Communications
  • Connecticut Telephone
  • Southern New England Telecommunications
  • CTC Communications
  • New Access Communications
  • ADC Telecommunications
  • Yale New Haven Hospital
  • Bristol Myers Squibb

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