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Lymeware Corporation Press Releases

31 August 2010 Telcom Industry Standard Small Exchange Carrier Access Billing Support Now Available with New Lymeware SECAB Viewer Product

04 August 2010 Lymeware Creates New Daily Usage Feed (DUF)/EMI Viewer Tool for CLEC Telecom Billing

07 June 2010 Lymeware Rolls Out Virtualized Interactive Agent (IA) Appliance

21 Oct 2009 * Lymeware Updates Popular CABS Viewer with BOS 49 Support

13 Oct 2008 * CABS Viewer product now supports BOS 48

28 Feb 2008 * Lymeware Releases New CABS Viewer with BOS V47 Support

10 Jan 2008 * Lymeware announces IAgent3 Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 on 64-Bit Intel Platforms

23 May 2007 * Lymeware announces IAgent3 Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5

16 Feb 2007 Lymeware Introduces First LSB 3.0 Certified Application

07 Apr 2006 Latest CABS Viewer Billing Product has Expanded Database and XML Support

20 Oct 2005 Lymeware Releases New CABS Viewer Product with Database Support and Import Capability

08 Jul 2005 Lymeware Releases New CABS Viewer Product with full Customer Service Record (CSR) Support

23 Mar 2005 Lymeware Delivers on Promise of Single Linux Standard and Is First to Attain LSB 2.0 Application Certification

16 Feb 2005 * Lymeware Eases CLEC Integration with New IAgent3 IA Offerings for IBM eServer Systems

14 Jan 2005 Lymeware announces IAgent3 Web GUI Monitor

21 Dec 2004 Lymeware announces IAgent3 for IBM POWER Series platforms

09 Nov 2004 Lymeware announces IAgent3,
An Improved TCIF Issue 2 and Issue 3 Interactive Agent (IA)

03 Aug 2004 Lymeware announces availability of Windows CABS Viewer product

30 May 2004 Lymeware announces release of CABS Viewer,
A CABS Billing Data Tape (BDT) file viewer utility

18 May 2002 Lymeware announces availability of new XML-based
InterExchange Carrier (IXC) Ordering Gateway

21 Feb 2001 XML-based Telco Wholesale Services Ordering platfrom
Announced by PontiMAX Technologies and Lymeware Corporation

07 Jan 2000 Lymeware announces TCIF Interactive Agent - IAgent

Press questions may be directly submitted to Carl Fox at cfox@lymeware.com


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