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Welcome to the Lymeware Corporation

Lymeware Corporation delivers quality solutions to our client's software needs through the use of proven technology and leading industry practices. If it can be done and done right, we will do it.

Lymeware provides cutting edge products and services to corporate clients across the United States. We also team with our global partners in Europe and Asia to provide the resources and experience to get the job done, on time and on budget.

"Secure messaging is the crucial requirement for successful e-commerce on
the Internet."

Lymeware produces products and systems that focus on security, messaging, data interchange formats and system-level integration solutions. Our products support Internet, industry, or defacto standards for communication protocols, data representation and presentation, and security methodologies.

We are proud to activly support several Open Source packages and provide freeware software downloads and patches for Open Source projects. Lymeware also sponsors new Open Source development projects, and welcomes any participation or assistance.

Lymeware has a proven track record in several Areas of Expertise, such as:

  • Data interchange formats - encompassing ASN.1, X.12 EDI and XML,

  • Messaging and Middleware - including SMTP, RPC, SNMP, SOAP, XML-RPC, CORBA, HTTP, and X.400,
  • Security - with an emphasis on PKI, X.509, SSL/TLS, and FIPS security standards

  • Successful product development and development team management.

Lymeware supports Fortune 1000 clients in the Telecommunications, Utility, and Biotechnology Industries.

    Current Lymeware News

 Our New SECAB Viewer is now available for download and evaluation.

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